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For over 10 years the team behind changemethod have been helping people and organizations plan, implement and sustain change that gets measurable business results.


Our experience encompasses system and process implementation, organizational restructuring as well as full-scale enterprise transformation across a range of industry sectors including financial services, energy, telecoms and technology, products and government.


All our experience has been carefully sorted, sifted, boiled down to its essence and supplemented with the tools, templates and samples that come with changemethod.



Customer stories


Must-have toolkit

"This is the must-have toolkit for all those out there looking to make change happen and keep their sanity at the same time."

Robert Miller, Atkins Management Consultants

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    Broad, deep and comprehensive


    "Broad, deep and comprehensive.  I have found myself turning back to changemethod again and again: ten out of ten." Francesca Gallo, Microsoft Italy


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    Practical business value


    "This is the methodology to go for if you want a little less theory and a lot more practical value." Peter Wicklow, Cable & Wireless Worldwide

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    Making change easier


    "Had I had this when I first started in consulting the road would have been a lot easier for both myself and my clients."  Vinay Tamash, Tata Consultancy Services

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    Seasoned change managers


    "Quality material which gives you the feeling you have seasoned change and project managers with every step of the way." Eleanor Chang, National Health Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Changemethod?

Changemethod is a change management methodology that supports the successful implementation of organizational change projects and programs.  It provides a complete framework for leading and implementing successful organization change projects. 

It steers you through:  

  • 6 areas of change management best practice including shared change purpose, visible change leadership, smart engagement and communication, strong individual performance, supportive organization and culture and meaningful change measurement
  • 21 detailed, step-by-step and easy-to-follow change management process guides
  • 100 + change management tools and templates for you to diagnose, plan and execute a successful change management program

Applying the change management best practices and processes helps you identify the best approach and plan while using the tools and templates will help you and your team complete the work required to make change happen.

Why use it?

Using the methodology improves the effectiveness of planning, mobilizing and ultimately executing a change program

Use it to help you: 

    • Achieve unity of purpose around the need for change and what the future organization should look like
    • Establish clear decision making authority for the change program
    • Understand the scope and scale of how change will impact different stakeholder groups
    • Develop a smart, grounded change management strategy and plan
    • Develop and support change leaders best placed to successfully deliver the program
    • Conduct a stakeholder analysis, build a change network and create change specific communications that move people along the ‘change commitment curve’
    • Identify competency strengths that can be used to support change, align performance and talent management processes with the direction of change and develop training strategies to enable operational change
    • Reconfigure the organization structure in line with changed processes and co-ordinate the transition from old to new
    • Define core values, cultural characteristics and a behaviour change plan to deliver the change strategy
    • Develop program-specific change metrics and track the value chain linking change management interventions with business benefits
    • Establish business readiness criteria and checklists, determine when the organization is ready and facilitate a smooth transition from old to new

Who is it for?

Our change management methodology has been designed to help the following groups meet their goals:  

  • Change Leaders: use the change management best practice framework, diagnostic and planning tools to strategize, plan and co-ordinate successful change programs
  • Change Managers and Practitioners: use the step-by-step change management process guides, change management tools and change management templates to build work-plans and deliverables quickly and effectively
  • Project Managers: use the change management framework and change management process guides to understand what change management does and how it is managed as part of an overall program or project plan
  • Business Managers: use the change management methodology to provide a common approach to change management across your organization or business unit
  • Consultants: use the change management methodology for designing and delivering the people and organization elements of both strategy and execution work
  • Teachers & Students: teach change management best practice, develop practical knowledge and skill about how change is delivered ‘on the ground’  

What types of project is it for?

Changemethod helps you deliver any size of change project.  

It is a scalable change management methodology, meaning you can scale it up to fit larger projects and down to fit smaller projects.  The level of change management effort depends on the following dimensions: 

  • Breadth of proposed change
  • Depth of proposed change
  • Impact of proposed change
  • Criticality of proposed change

These dimensions, which you can assess using the Change Dimensions Diagnostic, will determine the overall change management approach and effort.  The figure below illustrates types of change program of ever increasing dimensions:



The different types of change can be characterized in the following ways:


Transactional Change 


  • Breadth: change is restricted to one or two isolated functional areas or business units
  • Depth: involves limited changes to the way people will work
  • Impact: some impact to processes and tools but not organization or culture
  • Criticality: driven by an internal need to change, impacts non-core functions and does not tie directly to a corporate strategy


Operational Change 


  • Breadth: change across the organization involving multiple functions, business units and/or geographies
  • Depth: involves some change to responsibilities, knowledge, technology etc with much also staying the same
  • Impact: impacts processes and technology, some organization but very little culture
  • Criticality: driven by an internal need to change, impacts core functions and enables strategies


Transformational Change


  • Breadth: large, complex change across the enterprise and potentially partners too
  • Depth: new and demanding ways of working will be required for the change to happen
  • Impact: impacts processes, technology, organization and even culture
  • Criticality: driven by an external need to change (e.g. customer demand), impacts core functions and drives the realization of strategies

To achieve the best results with Changemethod we recommend you scale it up or down to fit the dimensions and needs of each change project.  The following table depicts the change solution elements typically associated with different project types. 

How do I navigate the content?

To help you navigate the wealth of information included within this product, we have included a suite of navigation features such as the Navigation Panel. See the Features page for more information.


How do I print it?

Any page within changemethod can easily be printed, by selecting the Print button on the top right-hand corner of this tool. Simply navigate to the page you wish to print, and the contents currently visible within the Display Panel will be available for printing to the printer of your choice.


Can I customize it?

Yes. You can export any of the templates into your office applications (such as Microsoft Word and Excel) on your PC and customize the content to fit your environment.


Can I scale it to fit my project?

Yes. To gain the greatest benefit from using changemethod you should always scale it to fit the size and type of project to hand. By selecting the project activities which are directly related to your project, you can customize this methodology to fit your particular project environment. For more information, see the Project Sizing page.


Can I submit feedback

Yes. We are always looking for new ideas for improving the content and functionality within this tool. By giving us direct feedback about your user experience, we can learn more about the application of this tool within user environments and build new functionality and content to benefit you in the future.


How do I install it?

When you purchase changemethod you will have the ability to immediately download the product from our website. After downloading the product, it will automatically install the relevant files on your PC or other hardware device (e.g. laptop) and load the application ready for you to enter your serial number. You should by then have received your serial number in your email account, and you can enter this serial number to activate and use the product.


Can I copy the content?

No. This software program and intellectual property is protected by international copyright law. Please read the license terms for more information.


What are the license terms?

To view the detailed license terms for this product, please click here.


How many devices can I install it on?

You may only install this software on hardware devices for which you have purchased licenses. For instance, if you have purchased a 20 user license, then you may install and activate this software on 20 PC, laptops or other hardware devices. You may not install this software on a central computer server, for shared access within your company.


How do I upgrade?

Updates will take place automatically.  If you would like to upgrade between editions then simply purchase your upgrade, email us with the old and new license numbers and we will refund the difference within 48hrs of receipt.

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Client Testimonials


"Broad, deep and comprehensive.  I have found myself turning back to changemethod again and again: ten out of ten." Francesca Gallo, Microsoft Italy


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