Change Impact Assessment Framework


Change Management Template The Change Impact Assessment Framework tool provides a framework for examining the detailed impacts that will arise from the change program.  Begin by documenting any headline process changes identified during the Define Future State process, make an initial classification of the changes required and build out the detail as you gather more and more information through surveys, interviews, workshops and even observation.


Use the matrix to document the  as the basis for face-to-face interviews, surveys or workshops to tease out how different stakeholders will be impacted in different ways and begin to think through the ways in which they might be supported.


The output of this tool, together with the Change Impact Interview Aid, provides input to the Change Impact Assessment which in turn is a crucial input into both the Change Management Strategy and Change Management Plan.



Best Practice Area Process Area
Shared Change Purpose Change Impact Assessment


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Change Impact Assessment Framework | Organizational Change Management Methodology by Changemethod





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"Broad, deep and comprehensive.  I have found myself turning back to changemethod again and again: ten out of ten." Francesca Gallo, Microsoft Italy


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