Business Case for Change


Change Management Template The Business Case for Change template documents the financial and non-financial, quantitative and qualitative, benefits of the change business change project. It does this by defining benefit areas, establishing performance metrics for those areas and putting together targets and a delivery schedule for those benefits to be realized.


The business case is usually developed in an iterative manner alongside the Future State Definition and Change Management Strategy deliverables.


Usage Volume
Operational and Transformational Change Programs
One per Project


Best Practice Area Process Area
Shared Change Purpose Develop Change Strategy


Responsible Role Contributing Roles
Change Manager Change Analyst 
Change Consultant
Business Consultant
Program Manager
Project Manager
Executive Sponsor


Create or update here Use as input here
Develop Change Strategy Change Impact Assessment 
Change Management Plan
Develop Change Leaders
Stakeholder Analysis
Build Change Network
Stakeholder Communication
Knowledge and Skill Assessment
Effective Performance Management
Effective Talent Management
Business Process Alignment
Prepare Organization Design
Implement Organization Design
Culture Change Analysis
Change Measurement


Business Case for Change Template | Organizational Change Management Methodology by Changemethod





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"Broad, deep and comprehensive.  I have found myself turning back to changemethod again and again: ten out of ten." Francesca Gallo, Microsoft Italy


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