Built around 6 key areas of change management best practice
  1. Shared Change Purpose
  2. Visible Change Leadership
  3. Smart Engagement & Communication
  4. Strong Individual Performance
  5. Supportive Organization & Culture
  6. Meaningful Change Measurement
Laid out along project management timeline markers

Apply a project oriented approach to the change management best practices in order to produce a change plan along the following stages:


    • Diagnose:  what is the problem or opportunity we are facing? 


  • Design: what interventions are available to us and offer the best response?


  • Develop: what do we need to do to prepare ourselves and for the interventions to succeed?


  • Deliver:  how should we implement the measures in a ways that minimizes intended disruption and maximizes adoption of the new 'solution'?


  • Sustain: How do we make the change 'stick' and realize the anticipated benefits?


Applying the processes contained within the best practice across the different phases is a useful way of developing a change transformation plan:

And packaged together with all the resources you need to deliver change

Client Testimonials


"Broad, deep and comprehensive.  I have found myself turning back to changemethod again and again: ten out of ten." Francesca Gallo, Microsoft Italy


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